When the Dr. Says… Keep it Clean and Dry, CLEAN/BREAK Protectors Make It Easy !


Resistant to water, urine, dirt, sand, snow etc.

“Boot” is made of abrasion resistant material for greater protection

Velcro straps adjust easily around cast, bandage, splint or brace

Top opening allows for greater adjustability

Non-slip bottom gives your dog more confidence when walking

Made in the USA

Customizing available upon request

I have waited almost a week to respond just to be sure but I could have written this the day I received the cast protector. LOVE IT, it has made taking Charlie out so much easier. The cast is well protected- stays clean and most importantly dry. Charlie is an active German Shorthair who usually runs 5 miles a day, being restricted to leash walks in the yard is pure punishment BUT Drs. orders. The cast protector allows him to get out, still terrorize the squirrels and go for short walks on the sidewalk. The measurement guide provided a perfect fit, the material is heavy duty and holding up well. Love that I can rinse it off, drys quickly. Plus extremely quick shipping. Thank you for making these 8 weeks of confinement so much easier.

Brenda Pace

I just want to say a huge thank you for this product and the super fast shipping!! I ordered this Saturday afternoon and I received by mail yesterday!! This product is a huge help with taking my dog outside and when inside I don’t worry about her chewing the cast with this protector on!! Thanks again!!!

Christy K

Hi Sue,
We received Sam’s cast protector and it fits perfectly! There is room for a cast change but I am able to tighten it snugly now. It is well made and was easy to put on and adjust! Thank you for the prompt delivery and answers to my questions.

Dana Vliet

Scooby has had his protector for just over 2 weeks now. As he is a “challenge” at times, he has gotten use to the protector. We are putting it on and taking it off a few times a day with ease. Scooby has not chewed at his cast once since we started using the protector! It’s also easy to wash!! Absolutely love this product! I’m attaching a photo of Scooby as well!  Thank You and Best Regards,

Mark & Kathy Davis & Scooby Doo 🙂

Hi Sue,
Thank you. I received the protector yesterday. It seems to be working like a charm. I like the extra protection strip, it provides grip for hardwood floors and tile. My dog isn’t slipping around which allows me to rest easy and relax a bit.


Good morning Sue,
I’ve been wanting to contact you about Daisy’s brace protector you made for her. We have been so thankful for it. The snow just keeps coming down and we walk every day with her protector on. It’s been perfect. It fits well and we haven’t had any tears or changes in it. It sure beats the plastic bag and rubber band cover!!!! Thank you again for your beautiful work. If it ever needs repair, I’ll contact you for help. If any one needs a cast protector, I’ll be sure my husbands clinic gives out your business name.
Thanks again


It was nice to get some warm weather after the heavy snow storm and very cold temperatures we had here in southeast Kansas recently. Max was getting fidgity and I knew I should take him out for a short walk so he could take care of nature in his own way. There was melting snow and mud puddles everywhere and Max is a master at finding particulary slushy places to walk. So I put the Cleanbreak Protector over his splint and let him slosh through the snow and mud as he wished. He really appreciated the freedom to tread where ever he wanted and so did I as I did not have anything to protect my tennis shoes from the elements. I watched as he freely ranged throughout my yard working off days of pent up energy. After traversing up and around and in and out of several precarious snow drifts and mud bogs he willing came back to dry land and let me remove the Cleanbreak Protector from his leg. When I took the Cleanbreak Protector off his leg the splint was perfectly clean and dry! Amazing! Max barked BOW WOW! Kudos for the Clean brake protector!! But don’t get the idea Max is my dog. The way he sees it I am his human?!!


My name is Joanie H. I am a greyhound volunteer foster mom for Bay Area Greyhound Adoption of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. I am currently taking care of a foster greyhound, Magic Hurricane. The president of BAGA, Linda L. gave me one of your leg protectors to use for the 6 – 8 weeks of recovery for our foster sweetheart Magic. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this product. It is easy to use, and the pup has zero problems wearing it. It has made a world of difference on the shape Magic’s cast is in when he goes for his check-ups and new bandages; not to mention that previous bandages always got wet at the bottom which is not good for the pup to have wet bandages on for any length of time.
Thank you for this great new product.

Joanie H

Hi Sue: Thank you for sending the clean break protector so quickly. We really appreciate the extra protection strips that you sent. We have recently taken in a greyhound named “Dream Cruise” that recently broke a leg while racing. We have just had surgery done on her so she is now in a splint. I have used the Clean Break protectors for a couple of years now, and use them on all of our foster dogs that have splints or bandages on their legs. They are wonderful! I needed an extra because other ones we have are currently in use (they are so durable that we use them over and over). Thank you so much for developing this great product that makes things so much easier for us and our greyhounds.

Linda LymanBay Area Greyhound Adoptions Tampa, FL

Thanks so much for the email. The protector is working out great! This is such a wonderful product and I am so glad I found your site. Plastic bags just didn’t work, he would chew right through them. You product has stopped him from chewing his bandages off and has keeped his bandages clean, which saves me weekly visits to the vet.


Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product, we use it every time Spark goes outside and it so much easier and functional than struggling with plastic bags. I also wanted to thank you for such quick shipment. Anyone needing a Cleanbreak Protector needs it quickly and you came through for us.

Yvonne C & Spark(Greyhound) | Harrisonburg, VA

Thank-you so much for the FAST delivery!!! We threw out all the IV bags and started using the Cast cover right away! It is great! Chase isn’t any happier that he has to be quiet and heal, but we are much happier that we have a quality, easy to apply cast cover. I wish the Vet’s Office had them to purchase initially! Chase tore a ligament in his ankle jumping and now his favorite activity, jumping has to be stopped. He loves to jump up in trees and grab leaves. He is like a 40 pound Jack Russell. He is our son, Liam’s dog. Liam travels with his work and takes Chase with him. Unfortunately for both of them, he has to stay with his Grandparents to heal.

Janet, Fred, Liam P. and Chase(Lab/Jack Russell) | Slippery Rock, PA

I just put in an order for an additional clean break protector….this product has been a life saver and we have used it everyday since we received it (Patrick broke his leg August 3)…it is taking awhile to heal and he may need surgery, so we wanted to have another one on hand. What a lifesaver..our vet was impressed and we gave them the website info to refer others as needed.
Thanks again

Sally A Bridgewater, NJ

Thank you so much for the protector! It works awesome. I managed to get Charlee to sit still for one picture with it on!

Julianne S & Charlee Brown (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Ms. Mills,
I would like to thank you for following up with your product. Our St. Bernard puppy Angus has healed very well and is growing like crazy and one can not even tell that he had an ailment 6 months ago. It was a pleasure speaking with you in the ordering process and after a few question/answers, we were sure that we had the correct product/business to help Angus out. The protector that we purchased was the largest one that you offered and it fit remarkably well based on the measurements that were required. It was very easy to put on and take off (pending Angus’s cooperation!) and it kept him clean and dry. We have a small patio that the dogs have to go across in order to get out in the yard to do their business and there was some wear from dragging across the concrete, but we used the Extra Protection Strips and this took the brunt of the wear. (The only bad part about the Extra Protection Strips is that they had to be placed in an exact way based on how Angus drug his foot behind him, which was not “square” with the splint/protector. It took a few trips out to figure this out; after that, it was not a problem.)
All in all, this was a great product and it worked to perfection. After figuring out how best to get a 4 month old puppy to cooperate and create a “system”, it took mere seconds to put it on and take it off of him. We took Angus to the vet with it on him and they very impressed with how well it kept the splint dry and clean.
**Note: the timing of this leg break was a couple of days prior to snow which then stayed on the ground for the duration of the splint. Again, Angus was allowed to be outside for 10-15 minutes at a time and he did very well and came back in dry and clean each time.
Thank you for a great product!

Tony K.Tower Engineering Manager

They are the BEST!!!!! In fact, you should be receiving a check from for the ones you made and I’m ordering 2 more. I’ve asked for them to be just a 1/2″ larger in the diameter. Took Bryn to the vet on Monday for a cast change and the vet was surprised to see how clean the cast was. The Lick Mitt stays on her 24/7, no problems whatsoever. When she goes outside I just put the boot over the Lick Mitt. We LOVE it. You should take this idea to the vets office especially this time of year when the dogs are hurting their paws/pads from the ice and snow. Again, I can’t thank you enough for making these Lick Mitts.

Sue H & Bryn(Greyhound)Greyhound Pets of America Lick Mitt *Bryn is our Lick Mitt model*

Dear Susan
Thank you so much for sending Sasha’s cast protector so fast. We love it and it has made a huge difference. Our vet here in Colorado was very impressed and told us the cast was in great shape because we were using your cast protector. It’s so easy to put on and take off and Sasha doesn’t even notice it.
Thanks again!

Patty J & Sasha(German Shepard mix) | Denver, CO

Dear Sue,
Sorry it took so long to update. Sierra just got her cast off after three months of weekly vet appointments, x-rays, and cast changes. It turned out that her whole leg was shattered and that the surgery to insert metal rings and pins saved her leg. We are thrilled that she is doing so well and wanted to share with you how thankful we are that you created the Clean/Break cast protector. The cast protector was such a tremendous help to us during the last few months. It kept Sierra’s cast clean and dry and she didn’t even know she was wearing it. My father was so relieved that he could bring her to work with him, without the fear of getting her cast dirty. It also made rainy days and walks through the dewy grass so much easier.
Sierra also wanted to thank you for being so helpful when I emailed for sizing advice. It was so nice of you to alter a cast protector in order to fit her extra wide cast better. It ended up fitting her perfectly and during these months the cast never fell off and hardly shows and signs of wear and tear.
We would recommend the cast protector for anyone in this situation. The cast protector not only made it easier for us, but for our dog as well. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It would have been awful having to use a plastic bags and rubber bands to protect her cast, which do not even stay on. During our next vet visit, we plan on showing our veterinarian a print-out of your website so that hopefully he will recommend it to his other patients.
Thanks again and happy holidays!

The Earley Family | Berlin, CT

Thanks so much for the email. The protector is working out wonderfully! It is even stopping him from chewing his bandages off. This is such a great product and I am so glad I found your site. I should have ordered slim, but this one is doing the job. My vet even complimented me on keeping his bandages clean, the best she has seen. Thanks again for checking up on him.

Melody & Teddy

Hi Sue
Thank you for the E mail. Cassidy is doing great! We got the stiches out today. Cassidy is a very active dog the v-collar(from the vet) just does not work for her but, the lick mitt has been a blessing!!!! One thing we did is poke several tiny holes in it so her foot can get more air to the wound. The weather here has been very warm 100-111 degrees. We will send pictures soon.
Thanx again.

Mark,Christy and Cassidy

Sue –
We got your package last night. Hopkins got to sleep without his ‘cone’ for the first time in 17 days. The lick mitt was perfect for overnight use! After dinner tonight we got a little rain. Hopkins tried out the boot and he went right on…didn’t even notice it was on.  Thank you for having such great products. It is greatly appreciated. Going to give you a shout-out on Facebook.
Thanks again.

Amy and Hopkins - "woof-woof!"

I wanted you to see a picture of Autumn Rose wearing her leg/bandage protector. She doesn’t bother it at all and it has really made my life easier…the days of plastic bags are over!


Ellie is finally acting like a dog again. It’s been a long few months, but we finally seem to be getting back to normal. It was huge help having the CLEAN/BREAK protector during this time period. Ellie was miserable enough with all the burns on her leg and the drugs she was on. It would have been ten times worse if we wouldn’t have been able to let her go outside and play in the snow. Thanks again for everything. You were truly a lifesaver during a really rough part of our lives.
Ellie can go outside and play in the snow!

Jill & Ellie (St. Bernard)

Sue . . . Sorry this is so late in getting back to you. The customized protector was a huge hit for our vacation! It allowed Frannie to walk the lake trail each day (2 miles each trip). It was awesome on all the surfaces: sand, gravel, wood bridges, concrete, dirt and bark. She loved it, and I can’t wait to see how well it will work at the beach next month. Thanks again for getting it to us in time for our vacation – – you are MARVELOUS!

Annette and Frannie

Sue – We LOVE the cast cover. Samson is able to snarffle in the snow without his brace becoming a shovel!!!
Many many thanks.


Thank you so much for shipping out the cast protector so quickly! It works like a dream, goes on and off easily & completely protects Sadie’s cast from the rain and snow……We love the cast protector!
Works like a dream *Sadie is our model for the small Cast and Bandage Protector*

Julie, Bill & Sadie (Pembrooke Welsh Corgie)

Sue-They arrived on time as expect (knew you wouldn’t let me down.) and they both work beautifully. I am more than satisfied with the product..in fact, it is great! This is going to save me so much stress and frustration..trying to duct tape different bags on a moving dogs leg! Please feel free to use me as both a customer contact and product endorser. I will be happy to let any potential customers know how well this product works as well as the how great the customer service was. Thanks again!

Jennifer B

I bought a clean break protector from you back in Nov. My german sheperd broke its back leg down low. Just wanted to say that your product worked GREAT! He kept chewing his cast off but when i put the protector on he never chewed at it again. The material the extra protector strip was made of also worked good. It gave him some traction so it didnt keep slipping out from under his leg when he walked. Thank you again and i will highly reccommend your product.

DJ Lenik

Hi Sue,
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I wanted to give you feed back about the cast protector. Getting it from you has been a life saving event!! Because it was custom made, it fits to protect Shady’s cast as it gets modified weekly by the doctor, your company was the only one I was able to find on the Internet that could custom make it at a really good price. It protects from the rain, the grass, allows me to take her to potty breaks and can wash it easily. My favorite feature is the color, red makes it stand out from Shady (black lab), so when people walk by they see that she has something on her leg and they don’t call her so she doesn’t attempt to run! Brilliant!
Thank you very much, I am very happy with my purchase.


Maddie’s mitt arrived yesterday and it is perfect! It fits perfectly, and I cannot tell you how much of a weight it has taken off our shoulders. We were having to keep her cone on her unless we bandaged her paw and even then we had to watch her because she is so determined to lick the scrape on her leg. We have been dealing with the cycle of having it almost healed and then her opening it up again for the better part of three years and were becoming desperate. The lick mitt has offered us peace of mind, and Maddie especially appreciates not having to wear her cone.She licks the mitt and seems to be satisfied with that, she doesn’t try to rip it off or chew through it. I was even able to let her go all night in it and it was fine! I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have found your company, your product is, for us, an answer to our prayers. Thank you so much!


Hi Sue—
thank you so much for the speedy turn around on my order! We LOVE the protector. It has been working awesome!

lauren gallagher

Thanks so much, I LOVE your product and I have tried em all- yours delivers and I am a customer for the life of my dog. Scooter had hip surgery that went bad, nerve damage and we didn’t amputate but he needs to be bandaged up so he doesn’t bang the leg on the deck etc so I use Exu-dry for padding, vetrap to hold the exudry(and to shape his foot in a forward position) and your boot on top, perfect!!


Just wanted to email you to tell you that my dog got his soft cast off today. He’s healing nicely from ACL surgery. I could not have endured the last five weeks without your cast protector. It truly made the difference in his recovery. The surgical area and his leg in general were dry and healthy-looking when the bandage was removed. I know your product played a huge role in this. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a great way to protect a bandage or cast!
While I am grateful for your product, I hope that I do not need another such protector in the future. That will mean my dog is well.
Thank you!


Received protector today! Thank you sooooo much!! It fits Awesome…Love, Love, Love it!!! We’ve had to wrap a plastic shopping bag around her leg until we received this. Poor girl was tired of making so much noise just to get around outside…lol!!
Why is this product Not in Petsmart??? I went to look over the weekend and couldn’t find anything that even comes close to your product. The only thing they could sell me was a set of Muk-a-luks for $50.00!! And they couldn’t even guarantee that they were waterproof.
Maybe they are included in part of your business plan? Maybe you have presented your product and they haven’t gotten back with you? Maybe you do not want to business with them all together? Whatever the case may be…I think your product is GREAT and I would love to see it available to more people at the retail level. I would not have known this was available if it weren’t for my husband doing research and letting me know about it. None-the-less…just let me know if you need any testimonials as I would definitely give you guys a GREAT one!!
Take Care!


It got here in yesterday’s post. I must say we’re quite impressed! LOL – it’s way better than the plastic bag and duct tape that we were using. It works great – fits perfectly just below the elbow and stays on very nicely. You do great work!  Thanks!

Dave, Steph, Jaylie and Taku

Hello Sue and anyone else at Clean Break: I just wanted to drop you one more quick email and say a BIG “THANK YOU”!!!
Thank you for getting us the product so quickly and thank you for having such a wonderful product. I can’t say enough great things about your product. I wouldn’t change a thing – and I’m usually very critical of everything I buy. You’ve certainly thought through everything and had some experience with this. We’ve only been using since Saturday but I can’t get over how easy it is to use (quick on/off) and how well it seems to be holding up. It’s going to be a very long six weeks getting our dog to heal but you’ve certainly made it a lot easier. No more plastic bags and packing tape! I can’t wait to show my vet. They should be recommending you to every client that walks out their door with a cast/splint/etc…
Thanks again.


I just wanted to say thank you for the custom leg cover you made for my dog. The cover fits just great and it work perfectly at keeping her bandage dry and clean. She is being treated at Texas A&M small animal clinic at the college in College Station, Texas. they were very impressed with the cover when we went into get her bandage changed today and asked where I got it and a address and phone number for other people who have dogs that need the same thing. If its ok with you I will give them your information next week when we go in for other people to order as well.
Thank you

Rick V.

Hey, just wanted to send you a pic of Tiffin wearing your cast protector. Can honestly say I’m very impressed by the quality of the product for the price. Exceeded my expectations and has improved tiffins walks in that he can now explore the hedges a little bit more than when he had a plastic bag! I will be recommending you to my local vets for all their orthopaedic clients….could you possibly do a protector for a cat?
Thank you very much

Jen & Tiff

Thank you so much for this GREAT product. I just ordered it on Thursday night and received it on Monday! My poor puppy, Ecko, has only had his cast on for a week and already I was overwhelmed with trying to tape a plastic bag to his foot every time he wanted to go out. As soon as his foot hit the ground the bag was ripped! Your product should really be sold at the vet’s office! Again, thank you so much, I’m sure this will make having a puppy with a cast on a little easier!


Sue Mills designed and produced a productive covering for her greyhound, Cash. A protective covering is often recommended to be worn over a cast or bandage when the dog goes outside. This covering protects the cast or bandage from dirt and moisture which would damage the cast or bandage and necessitate an early bandage change. Many coverings that are used are elastic bags that we have at the clinic and that the owner has at home. These are inexpensive and easy to obtain but often need to be taped on and often rip or tear easily. Other materials that are used by our clinic are more durable but are often limited to bandages that are small.

CLEAN BREAK™ PROTECTORS offer many advantages. They are available in multiple sizes, the material is durable, comfortable, re-usable and have a self adhesive strap to prevent the device from sliding. I think this protective covering that Sue Mills has designed is a valuable accessory for veterinarians to recommend to clients and their patients in situations where a bandage, splint or cast is applied to a limb.

Jeff Korosec, D.V.M.Valuable Accessory for Veterinarians

The staff at G.L.G.T. have found CLEAN/BREAK™ brand protectors to be very easy to put on our dogs. It is also very easy to adjust around the various sizes of bandages used. We have found it be a necessity when we are attending a broken leg on one of our dogs.

Debbie Linn Assistant DirectorGeneva Lakes Greyhound Track

We were very glad to have CLEAN/BREAK™ brand protectors available this past summer. We had a dog with a broken stopper bone and another another dog with a broken central metatarsal. Our vet wanted the cast to stay on for 6 weeks. Because our runs are all sand, it is nearly impossible to avoid cast sores and frequent cast changes. With the use of this cover, “Nuke” kept the same cast on for the full 6 weeks. “Peso” had a front leg injury and required only one cast change.As far as I’m concerned, CLEAN/BREAK™ brand protectors saved our adoption center time and money. It kept our dogs more comfortable and lessened the chance of infection.

Betty Schmidt Director of Adoption

Geneva Lakes Greyhound Track
I am the Director of Adoption at Geneva Lakes Greyhound Track. I have been here for over 10 years. Sue and Gary adopted “Cash” from G.L.G.T. in July of ’96. He broke his leg shortly after that. As a result of his break. Sue developed the cast protector. It worked so well for her, she brought us several to try on our dogs in case we should ever need one.

Director of Adoption at Geneva Lakes Greyhound Track
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